Venture Start-Up in Computer Consumables

Board level reporting appointment for development and implementation of completely new Sales and Marketing infrastructure for this early stage, venture funded business, The Little Red Book Company.


Financed primarily by Baronsmead, grown and then ultimately sold to ISA.


PC-PoS - Venture Funded

Following the departure of the then Managing Director, hands on development and restructuring of sales, marketing and go to market business model in retail technology space, funded by Barclays Private Equity.


Implementing CRM, structuring field sales, complete overhaul of VAR channel and creation of a suite of communications tools and techniques in addition to complete operational restructuring.


Wyless Plc - Swiss and Private Investors

Major programme to restructure European operations of this emerging “Internet of Things” SIM provider, demanding complete replacement of the Management Team, and operational realignment to recalibrate cost base whilst growing international revenues.


Reporting to the majority Shareholder and Chairman on a daily basis as well as full board of multiple, international shareholders, including Schroeders based in Geneva.



Carlyle Group and Talaris: Private Equity Funding

Following the sale of the De La Rue Plc, Cash Systems business to Carlyle, engaged to assist in the structuring of the complete Global Marketing function of the new Carlyle investment, Talaris.


Implement new marketing delivery model from the UK to support European operations and overseas activities, centralising the communications and PR functions, and as required removing multiple external agencies to significantly reducing cost, whilst accelerating responsiveness and speed to market.



FTSE Listed QinetiQ Group Plc - Comprehensive Business Restructuring

As part of a small team, commissioned to undertake a comprehensive portfolio review consisting of 17 businesses over several months. With the objective to determine the viability of each business entity, examine and weigh the value propositions, resources, personnel, sales order pipelines and investment requirements.


In conclusion recommendations were made as to likely sustainability of each and where, if at all, they may continue as a part of the overall business. Ranked and rated all businesses to enable go/no-go investment decision making.

Coller Capital and QinetiQ Group Plc

Working primarily on behalf on QinetiQ Plc to fully asses the commercial viability of a QinetiQ-Coller Capital joint investment portfolio of 5 venture funded businesses.


Commissioned to undertake due diligence across the full, diverse technology portfolio, resulting in composite recommendations as to whether future investment in the portfolio was commercially viable and if specific fund management structures should continue.




Technology Investment Sale - Solar Powered Aircraft

Promotional structuring of potential sale of Zephyr Solar Powered Aircraft as venture funded proposition. This 22 metre wingspan, unmanned craft is capable of flying for prolonged periods to compete with satellite technology for multiple applications worldwide, including internet connectivity dissemination.


Final sale of solution made to Airbus with follow on investment and now identified as key technology for, and by, UK MoD.


The Capital Fund - London’s 32 Borough Venture Finance Offering

Engaged by the Managing Director of The Capital Fund in the role of messaging development and website architecture, build and deployment.


Supporting thousands of applications for investment from across London, over the life-span of the fund, the website became a key channel through which submissions for funding were made, with a need that the site and supporting processes remain engaging, resilient and contemporary in style and delivery.




DigiPoS - Multiple Venture Finance Investors

Engaged to modernise, re-calibrate and reduce cost for a progressive retail technology developer and shareholding management team delivering an aggressive market entry model.


Direct input and management with business leadership for leading pan-European sales team. Creation of all literature, web sites, sales tools, conferences, white papers, CRM systems and related areas to deliver a dynamically led, prospect and customer focussed team, deploying full data-centric modelling means to market.


FTSE Listed De La Rue Plc - Strategic Direction

Significant 6 month project reporting to CEO and Board of De La Rue Plc, the world’s largest printer of banknotes, to assess the threats, opportunities and technical reach of emerging technologies in the digital payments space.


Worked further with ARM holdings and across the sector assessing more than 250 technologies and 25 digital applications.


FTSE Listed Balfour Beatty: Change and Empowerment Programme

Ongoing, retained to deliver comprehensive messaging, empowerment and engagement programme to 36,000 employees worldwide. Delivering concept, design, copywriting, imagery, artwork, production through to delivery for major, CEO sponsored initiative to transform employee participation in building the enterprise.


Mission to drive contributions and ideas from across the business that are converted to Quick Wins and complete Projects - always with measured outcomes as to the benefits delivered to the business as a whole.

Siebel Plc

Retained by Siebel (before Oracle acquisition) to implement the Medena designed and proven “Sales Responsiveness” programme - structured to test hundreds of major businesses as to their capabilities in responding to a new sales enquiry. This innovative system has been deployed more than 800 times, testing email, web and telephone responsiveness of companies across the UK, many of whom have placed advertisements to engender response in the first instance.


Medena concluded the Siebel project with white papers reviewing the quality and responsiveness across 5 sectors such as personal finance, manufacturing and banking - with the process still deployed today.

The Microsoft House, Notting Hill, London

Medena were commissioned by Microsoft to help solve the challenge of presenting a coherent and cohesive go to market model and messages for their 40 disparate product lines. Over four months Medena worked with Microsoft to completely refit a prestigious rented home in Oxford Gardens, Notting Hill, London.


Actors were hired, scrips were written and management teams from businesses such as Lloyds Bank, The National Lottery and British Gas, along with numerous media representatives were invited to the unique experience.In total, over a 3 month period, more than 3,000 influential visitors came to see the newly joined up Microsoft lifestyle acted out in front of them, bringing the technology to life in both the home and work-life environments.