The Sales and Marketing Balance Sheet

This suite of specialist due diligence tools can be used to help identify specific challenges and opportunities within a business, highlighting key performance issues and opportunities across critical sales and marketing areas and drivers.


Profiling the current state of business readiness and efficiency, the results are appraised and scored at the top level through the insightful Sales and Marketing Balance Sheet.

Bringing About Change

From this point, we help identify internal ownership of new initiatives within the business, creating personnel engagement and responsibility across the sales and marketing functions and beyond.


Our experience in running advertising agencies, sales teams, telesales groups, marketing functions and growth companies is fundamental at this stage, to ensure initial learnings and opportunities are translated into direct action.


Objective setting and measurements against the specific plan of action support the business in moving forward empowering revenue generation.



Empowering Growth

What is typically covered:

    •    Strategic Planning

    •    Customer Data Ownership

    •    Defined Sales Processes

    •    Sales Centred Culture

    •    Accountability for Revenue

    •    Rigorous Sales Pipeline Process

    •    Cost Management

    •    Sales & Customer Responsiveness

    •    Performance Evaluation

    •    Owning the Customer

    •    Understanding the Customer

    •    Competitive Strategies

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