Revenue Drivers
Testing Companies for Sales Responsiveness

How would your business perform?

Data from hundreds of company tests have shown that more than 48% of businesses fail to adequately follow up on sales enquiries. In over 14 years we have tested more than 800 companies on their ability to respond to a new Sales Enquiry.


Through our sophisticated “Anonymous Buyer” programme we track and evaluate sales responsiveness and follow-on enquiry management to provide clients with an exceptional insight into the return on sales and marketing expenditure they are likely to achieve.


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sales enquiry.

Surveying Customers for Real Results

Understand the true value of your business

Evaluating the strength of market penetration, position and potential is arguably best assessed by customers themselves. They are the future.


The perspective on a company’s market position, competitive advantage, reputation and success is invariably summarised at a board meeting and similar reporting.


As an alternative, a more effective way to assess the most accurate position can be far simpler – by surveying and collating the view of the people who absolutely know best – the Customers who buy.


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Understanding the Geography of Revenue

Map current & potential sales to locations

Understanding the make-up and potential of customers and prospects is central to managing revenue growth. Linked to a named data centric model of the potential market, this methodical approach can unlock new income opportunity.


Many sales personnel focus on the convenience of revenue achieved through existing accounts. The discipline of true sales prospecting can prove all too challenging, whilst others can’t identify new revenue opportunities - which is why we deploy expert Revenue and Prospect Mapping services.


Using powerful analytics tools and graphical reporting we map current income, prospects, business scale and potential, identifying new opportunities and direction.


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